Things To Note:

  • All products up for subscription must be available to restock at anytime upon request. We request restock 2 weeks prior based on forecast. Only put a product up for subscription if you can consistently meet supply for demand.
  • You can only put a product up for subscription if and only if that product is being ordered by returning customers at least every 1-3 months, with an average sale of 60 orders per month. We would let each vendor know when any of their product(s) is/are eligible for subscription.
  • By default, all businesses are supposed to start from the FREEMIUM plan and move up later based on demand and traction for said products.
  • All businesses on any of our GETTING READY or DOING IT plan must be fully registered under law.
  • All food, cosmetics, etc must be vetted and approved by the FDA. We verify this before you can stock such products.
  • All subscription plans are billed quarterly
  • Our DIGITAL PRODUCT PLAN can only have digital products (products that do not require shipping). You should try other plans if you sell physical products or both if you sell both physical and digital products.
  • Sellers on the DIGITAL PRODUCT PLAN are paid on the 1st and 14th of every month. Sellers on other plans are paid on the 28th of every month.
  • Optional free product photo/video shoot. Eligibility limited to 1 shoot per brand after at least 9 consecutive months of consistent sales of at least 60 orders/month on the platform.
  • If you sell physical/digital products that are SEASONAL or ONE-TIME, you can opt in for a one-time (ONLY FOR a month, a quarter or 6 months) seasonal purchase of any of our paid plans every year.
  • Based on your country, you can receive payouts via a bank account, mobile money account or physical cash.
  • You can temporarily deactivate or permanently close your AfriOwned seller account at any time. However, you can only close/deactivate your seller account for any of your brand(s) if you have at most 3 products stocked with us.
  • Your monthly subscription is considered active. when you have at least 3 products or more.
  • Products that do not sell after 12 months are sent back to the seller, but this rarely happens since we test demand and forecast before stocking up or approving a brand.
  • You should have right and ownership of all digital products listed on the platform.
  • Each brand can only fall under one type of product category: Personal care(hair & skin), Clothing and Fashion, Food, Art & Craft, Home & Lifestyle


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Made and/or produced/designed in Africa
  2. Owned and/or founded or co-founded by an African by nationality and/or Origin.
  3. Based in Africa or has a presence in Africa
  4. Has an essence of the continent attached to it, eg: the vibe, design, history, culture, origin, raw materials, etc
  5. Must have sustainable eco-friendly packaging.
  6. Products vetted and approved by the Food and Drugs Authorities (you can outsource this to us)
  7. Have quality and clear product photos as well as adequate measurements and labeling.
  8. Have a social media presence on at least one platform: IG, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube.
  9. All skincare, haircare, and edibles should have an expiry date and a manufacturing date.
  10. All clothing items should have care instructions and clear sizing.