The E-Commerce Marketplace For African Businesses Looking To Expand Globally


    To make it easier for African e-commerce business owners to start, scale, and expand their business outside of Africa.


    To support African e-commerce businesses on their expansion journey into new markets outside the continent.

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About Us

AfriOwned's mission is to support African Owned businesses on their expansion journey into new markets outside the continent, and some of the major challenges business owners on the continent face when trying to go global are:


  • Funding: Most African businesses, especially the ones that sell physical products rarely have access to funding or eligibility for a bank loan, and this ties into why a lot of small and medium sized businesses fail within the first 3-5 years
  • International customers: Customer acquisition and retention is a crucial part of every successful business model, however getting your brand noticed in the ocean of many other small and already established businesses is not an easy task and due to lack of funds and resources, small businesses often struggle with this aspect.
  • Payments: Even though there has been quite a number of Fintech startups and innovation on the continent in recent years, most commerce suite of products available to African merchants are still very limited in terms of flexibility and localization to customers outside of the continent. Customers want to pay THEIR way.
  • Shipping & Fulfilment: Customers want to be able to easily track their shipments and be updated on the status of their purchase at any given time as well as get affordable rates, and most local post offices in Africa don't have such self-service system efficiently in place yet, and global logistics companies only offer great prices with larger shipping quantities, hence SMEs are often left with this hurdle to overcome.
  • Resources and Community: Community is the backbone of many things in life and this is very important on the entrepreneurial journey. There are not a lot of free available resources that are easily accessible to African merchants and this sometimes create a knowledge gap which can lead to making costly decisions along the way.
  • Shipping & Fulfilment

  • Data & Analytics

  • Vendor Manager

  • Online Storefront

  • Live Shopping

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Engagement

  • Multichannel Selling

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Quarterly Paid Ad Credit

  • Community Of Entrepreneurs

  • Financial Reporting

  • CrowdFunding

  • Subscription Model

  • Product Auction

  • International Payments

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Your International Expansion Strategy Just Got Easier!

Embrace the soft side of running a business and let us do the heavy lifting.

Dedicated Vendor Success Manager

Every business regardless of the plan you are on is assigned an account manager to help you each step of the way with anything you would need, thus: any questions, suggestions, explanations you might require, etc

Our dedicated account managers are trained to help you get the most out of our service and advice you on how to reach your business goals.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer engagement, experience and retention is at the core of what we do. You can trust that you are in good company.

Business Funding

We have made our CASH OUT PLAN available to businesses who want to scale with more inventory or new product launches. You can only crowdfund if you have previously been on one or more of our other paid plans for more than 9 consecutive months and have made consistent sales of 60+ orders per month. Crowdfunding options aren't available for digital products.

  • Personalised Storefront

    Get a unique link where you can direct your international customers to your products.

  • Multichannel Selling

    7 different channels for your customers to buy from + physical retail stores coming soon in Europe.

  • Crowdfunding

    Start a business debt-free while testing demand for your product.

    Use the opportunity to crowdfund and raise debt-free, equity-free capital as well as grow your fan base.

  • Carbon Credits

    We are a social enterprise and understand that profits do not have to come at the expense of the planet and its people. We partner with climate-conscious organizations to offer every merchant carbon credits as well as other social impact projects.

Inventory Management

We ensure you have the right amount of products at the right time to prevent out of stock situations, we monitor stock count and carry out demand forecasting in order to have adequate amount of products throughout the supply chain at every point in time.

Detailed Analytics And Data Reports Based On Your Shop's Performance.

Our marketing efforts includes a wide range of strategies such as:

SEO, social media, email/SMS, Affiliates, influencers, etc

Shipping & Fulfillment

We provide shipping boxes and mailers and handle every aspect of your shipping and fulfilment process. We ship from our warehouses in Europe and America. We also provide pre-shipping packaging for certain items.

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